1: What is Malware and How Do I Know if My Computer is Infected? Malware has become the name for any type of malicious software such as spyware, adware, or viruses that harm your computer's performance or security. Most malware infections stem from Internet activity which include downloading files or even browsing Internet sites.

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A computer virus works similarly to the flu virus: it’s highly contagious, you feel run down, you need more sleep and rest than usual and it’s difficult to perform even the simplest of daily tasks. Likewise, a computer virus interferes with the performance of your device by replicating itself and spreading throughout the operating system.

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do i need to delete my old anti virus programs before you should be running only one resident anti-virus program at any given time.. here's the best way to change: make sure you already have the installation file for the new/desired anti-virus program (either in terms of it being on a CD, or having already downloaded it to your computer).. then disconnect yourself from the internet (e.g., by unplugging your Ethernet cable, or turning your router What is an Antivirus Program? - Computer Hope Oct 07, 2019 Remove the One Updater Adware Bundle Jan 05, 2019