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Oct 07, 2014 · WWE: Brothers Of Destruction (DVD) "Brothers of Destruction" chronicles the long and storied history of the partnership of The Undertaker and his half-brother, Kane. Following Kane's introduction to WWE in the late 90s, he and the Undertaker engaged in bitter battles before finally uniting as a team known as the "Brothers of Destruction". The Undertaker's mother had an affair with Bearer and as a result, gave birth to a younger half-brother of The Undertaker, named Kane. (It's important to note that while growing up, Undertaker {and presumably his deceased father} lived the vast majority of his life {entirety of the father's life} under the belief that Kane was fully related to him and his family; that is, until Bearer Mar 14, 2019 · THE WYATT FAMILY AND THE BROTHERS OF DESTRUCTION EXCHANGE DARK PROMISES: SMACKDOWN, NOVEMBER 19, 2015 of Destruction. Superman333diablo. 1:26. The Wyatt Family vs Brothers of Destruction, Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose and Undertaker. Mix Videos Collection. 18:31. W.W.E ENTERTAINMENT -SURVIVOR SERIES 2015 ORAKEL_ Wyatts vs. Brothers of Mar 18, 2017 · The Undertaker is the storyline half-brother of fellow WWE wrestler Kane, with whom he has alternately feuded and teamed with as The Brothers of Destruction. Since unseating Hulk Hogan as WWF World Heavyweight Champion in 1991, The Undertaker has been involved in various pivotal storylines and matches within WWE history.

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Kane and Undertaker constituted a duo that was seen as the most dominant tag team in the history of the World Wrestling Entertainment. They were dubbed The Brothers of Destruction during their stint as a pair but were forced to split due to the fact that they proved indefatigable and undefeatable. WWE: Are Kane and The Undertaker really brothers? Facts to

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The Undertaker (WWE Video Games) | Heroes Wiki | Fandom The Undertaker sometimes called Taker and referred as Undertaker is the titular protagonist and anti-hero from WWE Video Games series, he is the half-brother of Kane and an friend of Paul Bearer, he is also an arch-rival of Brock Lesnar. He makes his first appearence in Gameboy as an playable character. The Undertaker (Wrestling) - TV Tropes Unrelated Brothers: While half-brothers in kayfabe, The Undertaker and Kane are not related in real life. Unwilling Suspension: When the Ministry of Darkness used to hang people from Undertaker symbols above the stage as a 'sacrifice'. Undertaker later did this to … WWE Brothers Of Destruction 2001 Theme Song (HD) - YouTube Jul 09, 2015 Brothers of Destruction Walkthrough - WWE '13 Wiki Guide - IGN